Welcome to the iPhone comic database

iCdb is your mobile comic database. It brings your comic collection to the iPhone. Browse your comic collection by publisher, series or issue. Download comic data from anywhere you are to make your mobile comic database complete. You can even update your comic collection while you are at your favourite comic store, buying new comic issues. This way you can easily keep track of your comics and organize your comic collection. There is no need to connect your iPhone to a computer. All you need is a connection to the internet. Keep track of your comic collection and share lists of (e.g.) missing issues with your friends.


Here is an overview of some of the features included:

Access more than 40.000 comic series from anywhere you are

Whereever you are you can download comic data and comic covers of your favourite comic book series to make your database complete. Simply enter the series titel (or parts of it) and you will receive a list of matching comic series. Download the appropriate series by tapping the list entry. After the download finished you will have all available information (even including the comic book covers) in your pocket. There is no need to buy additional PC or MAC based software. All you need is a working internet connection. See our tutorial on how to download comic series to your iPhone comic database for details.


Browse your comic collection

Browsing your comic collection on the iPhone is just as easy as flipping through your comic collection in the real world. You start by selecting a publisher. You will see a list of all comic series by that publisher you download to your mobile comic database so far. Alternatively there is an entry "All Publishers" in the list of comic publishers for listing all comic series regardless of which publisher the comic series belongs to. Once you picked a comic series you will see the list of comic issues belonging to the chosen series. Tap an issue entry to see the details for that issue. See the tutorial on how to browse your comic collection for details.


Keep track of the comic issues in your collection

The iPhone comic database lets you keep track of the issues in your comic collection. For every issue you can specify how many copies you have, simply by tapping a plus or minus button to adjust the copy count. For a better overview the issues displayed can be filtered: view all issues, only those in your possession, missing issues or issues you have more than once. Each of those lists can easily be shared with your friends. Use iCdb as your iPhone comic organizer. See the tutorial on how to organize your comic collection for details.


Keep up-to-date with the integrated RSS-Feed Reader

Keep up-to-date with news about comic conventions, new publications and so on. iCdb features it's own rss-feed reader. You can add and customize any number of feeds. This way your favourite comic feeds are only a fingertip away. See the RSS-Feed Reader tutorial for details.